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Recovery of academic debts and absences at the Department of molecular biology and human genetics will take place in the period of September 4-11, 2020, in working days, at 15:00-17:00 according to the schedule, using the link indicated in the table.

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V. Galbur

Luni (21.09.2020)

L. Sidorenco

S. Racoviță

Marti (22.09.2020)

E. Babara

L. Badan

Miercuri (23.09.2020)

E. Chesov

E. Chesov

Joi (24.09.2020)

S. Racoviță

L. Rotaru

Vineri (25.09.2020)

E. Babara

Medical genetics – please contact dr. Sprîncean 
Bioinformatics – please contact dr. Levițchi 

Students from USA, please contact dr. Sidorenko